Thursday 5 January 2012

A new year, still "ill at ease"...

Happy New Year

Good news to start 2012 for the "ill at ease" project.

Thanks to Matt Fryer over at the Hellforge, who included the collection in his "Favourite Genre Reads of 2011" round-up with this capsule comment - "A truly faultless ebook featuring 3 equally memorable, macabre and highly polished tales. There are even clowns to upset any fellow coulrophobic masochists."
(you can see his review of the collection from this link).

Also, a new review has been posted to by J Everington which concludes with "Overall a strong collection, and one that will definitely lead me to explore further work from all three writers involved."

Great stuff - and keep an eye out for news, within the next few months, of another exciting "ill at ease" publication.

Just in case this leads you to want to buy it, or get more information, you might find the following useful:

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