Thursday 22 November 2012


With all new stories from 
Stephen Bacon, Shaun Hamilton, Robert Mammone, 
Val Walmsley, Mark West, Sheri White and Neil Williams

(this isn't the cover, instead it's an illustration by Virgil Finlay for the story "Black Angels Have No Wings", which appeared in Amazing Stories in August 1952)

Tuesday 11 September 2012

"ill at ease" Special Offer

As the second volume gears up (more writers, more chills!), we thought it would be a good idea to offer "ill at ease" for a special reduced price (one week only!).

Why not take advantage?

ill at ease is an e-chapbook collection from PenMan Press, available now from Amazon and Smashwords. Combining the talents of Stephen Bacon, Mark West & Neil Williams, ill at ease showcases three new tales of the macabre.

Waiting For Josh, by Stephen Bacon
Pete Richards returns to his hometown for the first time in years. His childhood pal is dying, and Pete realises he must face the past and confront some ugly truths if he is to fulfil his friend’s dying wish.
But the events of their childhood would prove to hold far more darkness than he’d ever imagined.

Come See My House In The Pretty Town, by Mark West
When David Willis travels to the picturesque village of Hoelzli, for a reunion with his old college friends Simon & Kim Roberts, he expects a weekend of laughter and reminiscing. But on a visit to the local fair, he manages to lose the Roberts’ seven-year-old son Billy and things take a decided turn for the worse.

Closer Than You Think, by Neil Williams
Dave is a loving family man, with a keen eye for a bargain. So when he spots a brand-new-looking child seat in a skip at the local tip, he decides to take it. After all, he needs one in his car to ferry his daughter around. But then he starts to notice things that seem otherworldly yet still familiar.
Could it really be an unquiet spirit, the echo of some past tragedy?
Or is it something else? Something that is much closer to home?

'Here are three writers with singular voices who have, nevertheless, somehow managed to merge their talents to imbue the whole of this slim collection with a kind of menace that is like oil on skin: difficult to remove and persistent. For relative newcomers to show such restraint, to trust in the subtle and the unsaid, is rare indeed. ill at ease is a treat, and I hope it finds many readers.'
Conrad Williams, British Fantasy Award winning author of One and Loss Of Separation

"Childhood memories, a seemingly idyllic English town, a car seat found in a skip... The three chilling tales from ill at ease ably demonstrate that horror can be found in the most mundane places, and a sense of unease is always much closer than we think."
Gary McMahon, author of Pretty Little Dead Things and The Concrete Grove

The book is available from Amazon - click the title below:

From, priced at £0.77 - ill at ease

From, priced at $0.99 - ill at ease

The collection is also available, on a range of formats, from Smashwords.

Don’t have a Kindle? No problem, Amazon provide a range of free app’s that allow you to read them on whatever device you might have:

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Thursday 5 January 2012

A new year, still "ill at ease"...

Happy New Year

Good news to start 2012 for the "ill at ease" project.

Thanks to Matt Fryer over at the Hellforge, who included the collection in his "Favourite Genre Reads of 2011" round-up with this capsule comment - "A truly faultless ebook featuring 3 equally memorable, macabre and highly polished tales. There are even clowns to upset any fellow coulrophobic masochists."
(you can see his review of the collection from this link).

Also, a new review has been posted to by J Everington which concludes with "Overall a strong collection, and one that will definitely lead me to explore further work from all three writers involved."

Great stuff - and keep an eye out for news, within the next few months, of another exciting "ill at ease" publication.

Just in case this leads you to want to buy it, or get more information, you might find the following useful:

Purchase from Amazon in the UK here

Purchase from Amazon in the US here

Or get it from Smashwords here

In addition, you could also join our Facebook group